7 Mountain with views of the most beautiful in Indonesia

Indonesia on the ring of fire make Indonesia one of the countries that have the largest mountain in the world. There are at least hundreds of beautiful mountains, in the region of Indonesia.  Of the many existing mountain of Indonesia, some of which is a favorite destination of hikers. Why, these mountains have a spectacular view that only we can enjoy a beautiful view of the mendakinya when we in the mountain does indeed become an anesthesia could eliminate a sense of tired and sick. A sense of tired when passing track climbing uphill will be alleviated with the wonderful nature paintings. A view of the pastures and the occasional green trees decorated with white clouds into a dish that will make us always missed with an ascent

7 Mountain with views of the most beautiful in Indonesia
7 Mountain with views of the most beautiful in Indonesia

From Sabang to Merauke, we've got an awful lot of mountain. If told to determine which of the mountain has the most beautiful sights everyone will undoubtedly trouble. However, we will try to give you an overview of the 10 most beautiful mountains are there in Indonesia. The parameters are the large number of climbers who want to climb to the mountain as well as the uniqueness of the-uniqueness by the mountain in question. If you have another opinion, don't hesitate to give opinimu in the comments field. And here is the 10th Mountain has the most beautiful sights in Indonesia.

1. Mount Rinjani

In addition to have a super gorgeous beaches that make lazy people returned home, the island of Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara have any other Prima Donna who makes many tourists fell in love. The Prima Donna was Mount Rinjani. Mount Rinjani is often referred to as the best trekking tours in Southeast Asia. If you ever see the beauty of Mount Rinjani directly with my own eyes, surely you shall mengiyakan opinion it very easily.

Mount Rinjani is complete. He had a beautiful savanna covered meadow mother edelweis, he also had a view of the sunrise. Of all the beauty that exists on Mount Rinjani, Lake Segara Anak is the most sought after. The Lake is at an altitude of 2,000 mdpl it is most beautiful gems on Mount Rinjani. The beauty of this Lake also can we see from the Summit of Rinjani. Unique from Mount Rinjani is the presence of Mount Barujari that sits in the middle of Lake Segara Anak. Mount Barujari is a mountain on the mountain so the mountain is often referred to as his son mount Rinjani

2. Mount Semeru

Mount Semeru is most beautiful at the same time the highest on the island of Java. The mountain has become a legend long ago. Starting from the era Su Soe until its time climbers of the present as it is now. The beauty of this mountain is never dark passage of time. The beauty of this mountain makes the climbers from various regions willing to come all the way. Mount Semeru mountain is also one of the most crowded. Maximum climbing quota is only 500 made the climbers sometimes must line up on the Ranu Pani.

Just as the Rinjani, mount Semeru also has gems super pretty in Ranu Kumbolo. A natural lake is located at an elevation of 2,400 mdpl. In front of Ranu Kumbolo there Too love is also not less famous among climbers. Then there is the Oro-oro Ombo are overgrown by the lavender flowers. With all the beauty, the reasonable if mount Semeru became perhaps the climbers wherever located. Moreover, the beauty of this mountain has also been in films.

3. Mount Prau

 Dieng plateau in Central Java known landscapes of the mountains. One of the best places that must be visited in the Dieng plateau is Mount Prau. This mountain is the highest land in the Dieng plateau. From the top of the mountain we can see views of the Summit of Mount Sindoro and Sumbing which look so dashing and elegant. Mount Prau is also the best place to enjoy the sunrise at the Dieng Peak besides Sikunir.

The mountain has a Summit be Prau pasture. Around the Summit we will see rows of dunes that are often referred to as the Hill Teletubies. The interesting part of that is the high Mount Prau "only" 2,565 mdpl with climbing tracks that are not too difficult so anyone could climb the mountain and enjoy the beauty of its peak. Many also argue that Mountain climbers Prau is a mountain that has the most beautiful sunrise views.

4. Mount Merbabu

In addition to the other mountain, Mount Prau in Central Java that have outstanding views of Mount Merbabu is beautiful. The mountain is located between the borders of Magelang, Boyolali and Semarang. Mount Merbabu presents the beauty of form of the savanna meadow we can enjoy from the slopes of the Summit and the Summit. Mount Merbabu himself had several hiking paths. However, the track is known to have the most beautiful view is Selo residing in Boyolali Regency. Climb Mount Merbabu via Selo we will be treated by the savanna meadow views will make sense not tired so noticeably.

In the savanna's last before the Summit, the views of the more beautiful thanks to the presence of the flowers that grow on the slopes of the edelweis-hillside. If it were the seasons, this landscape will look very beautiful and photogenic. Mount Merbabu himself had three Kenteng Songo Summit highest i.e., Triangular and Sharif. Special ascent of Mount Merbabu via Selo is we will be treated to a view of Mount Merapi is just before eyes. Mount Merapi visible from the mount Merbabu.

5. Mount Gede Pangrango and

Mount Gede is one of the most "in demand" mountain in West Java. Why especially if not a beautiful view. The most beautiful places in the mount Gede is Suryakencana square. This place is a flower-filled meadow edelweis. Suryakencana square is one of the best places to enjoy the view of the eternal mother, Edelweis.

The square is at an altitude of 2,750 Suryakencana mdpl. Behind its beauty, this place has a myth. Allegedly, in the square Suryakencana sometimes sound like the legs of a horse. The voice believed to be the voice of the horse ridden by people's shared Suryakencana Consisted of jin. Prince Suryakencana himself was the son of the founder of the city of Cianjur namely Prince Wiratanudatar Aria from the nation's relationship with jin. According to the myth, Prince Suryakencana resides around the square Suryakencana. Its clear, any square Suryakencana unsightly views

Mount Gede itself is located in the National Park of Mount Gede Pangrango. In addition, in the area of Mount Gede national park there is also mount Pangrango also has a Flower-filled meadow Edelweis. His name is Mandalawangi.

6. Mount Papandayan

In addition to the mount Gede Pangrango and famous Suryakencana square as well as other, mount Mandalawangi in West Java which come with similar beauty (edelweis flower meadow) is Mount Papandayan. At Mt. Papandayan, the place where the flowers grow and show off its beauty edelweis known as Bordering the square. As Suryakencana Mandalawangi, Tegal and Square is also one of the best places in Indonesia to see beautiful Flowers Edelweis.

Mount Papandayan is a mountain located in Garut. The mountain is also known to have some of them we can come across at some point the line ascent. Some of them are quite famous in Mount Papandayan, among others, the crater of the new Crater, Mas, Nangklak Crater, Crater and Manu.

7. Mount Bromo

The Government of East Java made Bromo volcano as one of the leading tourist destinations. Of course, this caused the appointment of karna mount Bromo has views that are eligible to be promoted widely. Mount Bromo myself for is known as one of the mountain that has views of sunsrise. Its location is in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. Bromo sunrise in view of the more beautiful because we can see a series of mountain peaks around Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park
Mount Bromo is also known for its vast sand gumul. Jeep vehicles as well as the usual sights horse at Mount Bromo. Mount Bromo itself has high 2,329 mdpl. In addition to the views of the sunrise and sand gumul, mount Bromo is also famous with its crater we could achieve using a ladder that has been provided.

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