7 most beautiful Mountain in East Java with the most accessible hiking paths

Climbing a mountain or mount climbing is perhaps already not a strange thing to do. This activity for some people has become a lifestyle. Among the younger generation, this activity also seems to have an exclusive image or cool. What's with the presence of social media could be a place to share snapshots of selfie above the top of the mountain with a backdrop of undulating expanse of white clouds.

7 most beautiful Mountain in East Java with the most accessible hiking paths
7 most beautiful Mountain in East Java with the most accessible hiking paths

But more than that it is indeed mountain climbing is a very healthy body. By doing so, we so get closer to nature and all goodness. The cool air, away from the pollution really can be a means to refresh the brain from the everyday routine of penatnya.
Speaking of the mountain, clearly our country is the winner. Indonesia had an awful lot of mountain with views of the super beautiful with a climbing lane is also diverse. Some are mediocre (easy), and there is also the difficult or steep. The mountains of the beautiful in almost every province in Indonesia. One of the most adalaht are found in East Java province.

And here we present list of mountains in East Java with the easiest path. That means suitable for beginners who are new to climbing. Suitable also for workers with a solid schedule of having free time on weekends only.

Okay just go ahead, here is the complete list.

1. Mount Bromo

First we had the mount Bromo. Perhaps no foreign-sounding name of this mountain. The beautiful natural scenery make the mountain is known not only in Indonesia, but also to abroad.
What's interesting is Bromo volcano is located in the 4th district. I.e. include Malang, Pasuruan, Probolinggo and unfortunate. Access to the Bromo is also easy, from Surabaya or Unfortunate can be reached with a time of 3 hours climbing to the Summit.

Therefore, no wonder the Bromo tourist attraction is very crowded, especially on a weekend or other holiday. As mentioned above, the tourists come not only from the local, but also from abroad.

Panorama of a beautiful sunset as can't miss if visiting here. The combination between the expanse of sea sand with fog mountain makes Bromo as Java.
In the morning also don't miss to watch the beautiful sunrise scenery there is no tara. Thereafter it could dilanjut a browse through a sea of sand to reach the summit crater of Bromo. How not to have to walk away, but with a wide range of transportation options such as a motor, rent a jeep, or even horse. When at the top, then will be seen mount Bromo with a puff of smoke.

Now there are already several services that provides a complete package of bromo tour that will guide you along every corner of Mount Bromo, of course with friendly prices in the bag. So no need to worry.

2. Peak B29

This peak is also known as the land above the clouds. There may be some of you who ask why the name Summit B29. The simple truth is, just because the region still B29 entered in a part of the National Park and has an altitude of Bromo i.e. 2,900 meters above sea level (mdpl). Located in the village of Argosari, Senduro Lumajang.

From Surabaya takes about 3-4 hours to reach into the region. On top of this B29 you can enjoy a beautiful sunrise views. The expanse of the sea of clouds which bergelombanga will be topped with a wonderful panoramic view of Mount Semeru fighting loomed. Truly elegant natural scenery there is no tara.

3. the Ijen crater

A little shifted to the East, we also have Mount Ijen or Ijen crater. Ketaknya exists in the border area of Banyuwangi and Bondowoso, East Java.

For access to here is also clear and easy dicapat. As a benchmark for the Surabaya could travel for 8 – 9 hours long to arrive at Ijen crater Paltuding Post.

As for the related time climbing up to the Summit craters takes about one and a half (1.5) hours.

Same is the case with mount Bromo, Ijen crater is also well-known to overseas. One of which became a top attraction is the presence of blue flame (blue fire) which is very rare. Based on the data, there are only 2 blue flame in the world, the first in Iceland and the other on Mount Bromo. As for to see it can be done at the time of the early hours of the morning until the time i.e. the range of 2 to 4 hours in the morning.

4. Mount Kelud

After the mount Bromo and Ijen crater, mount the next favorite too so is Mount Kelud. Its location is the border town of Malang-Blitar and Kediri, precisely in Ngancar, Kediri.

There is a crater lake with a green color that looks so exotic toska. There are also hot springs tour that also adds to the charm of Kelud. How cold the atmosphere there can be treated with a dip in the hot spring baths.

Moreover as a result of eruption of Mount in the year 2007, resulted in this mountain and then have a "son of Kelud".

For road access, no need to worry. The condition of the hiking paths to the top of Kelud is good. Of the presence of landscapes is also beautiful. However to note is that we are not allowed to climb the crater area is approaching.

Kelud is can You make alternative to simply refreshin and tiredness.

5. Mount the shoulders

Next was a mountain Shoulder with an elevation of about 1,547 mdpl. Its location is in the town of Mojokerto, East Java. Typically in the low category also makes the climb path is not too heavy for ditapaki. Jam it landscapes is also not less beautiful with other mountains mentioned above.

To reach the Summit, can be reached through two main lines, namely Line Tahura and Puthuk Siwur. For beginners also need not worry when walking along the hiking paths. Because it is very clear and is also supported by the presence of many camp or post that could serve as a referral and rest.

Such characteristics make the mountain Shoulders being very suitable light climbing or for who just want to simply refreshing the mind.

6. Mount Panderman

One more mountain hiking track is easy and only takes about 3 hours to get to the top. Is the Panderman its name. Located in the Ds Toyomerto, Kel. Songgokerto Building, Malang. This mountain has an altitude of 2045 mdpl.

You are a beginner or just have free time on the weekend can try Mount Panderman as means of tiredness. Because its not too heavy and hiking paths that could be taken casually.

Especially if you decide to climb at night, then accompany picturesque views of the city lights in the neighborhood accompanied by stone town became an ornament a wonderful evening was seen. Can God be for an instant break and SIP coffee while watching its beauty.

7. Mount Bearing

Last one is Mount Penanggungan. It has also become one of the favored by hikers in the region of Probolinggo, Surabaya and Malang. Ketinggaiannya only about 1,653 mdpl. The mountain is located in the Kab. Pasuruan and Mojokerjto does not have a source of water. Which makes it a bit challenging.

The time it takes to reach the top is approximately 3 hours.

Climb some of the Adaa that could be taken if it wants to reach the Summit. But most take the route climbing through Tamiajeng. Because the line is shorter and it is reasonably short to is no doubt.

Unlike the other lines, namely via the Jolotundo to get to the top it takes at least 6 hours, but along the journey you will be presented a great many relics of historical sites that are interesting to visit. So please, want to choose customized line which.

As other mountains, mount Penanggungan also always will overwhelm the climbers on weekends, because the tracks are relatively lightweight and easy to reach from the city centre.

Well that last discussion of the 7 mountain in East Java with the easiest path that you can reach with a short time to the top. But nevertheless, the scenery is very beautiful also offered.

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