7 most beautiful Beach in Indonesia must-see

The abundance of exotic beaches are there in Indonesia frequently make the controversy. Yummy holiday to the beach where ya? To answer Your turmoil, there is a list of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Indonesia worth to You frequent.

7 most beautiful Beach in Indonesia must-see
7 most beautiful Beach in Indonesia must-see

1. Pink Beach, Komodo island

Most vacationers crave views of white sandy beaches with crystal clear water blue combined. Don't you want something different? If Yes, come to the Pink Beach on the island of Komodo is the right choice.

It is called Pink Beach because it has pink sand beach. The color pink is said to come from the reefs and other biota flakes that are carried by currents to the Mainland and mixed with the sand of the beach. You can have an adventure at the beach while snorkeling or diving. To experience the unexpected, you can try venturing inland to meet up with the island's famous residents, especially if not a komodo dragon.

2. the Tomini Bay, Celebes

Tomini Bay is located in North Sulawesi. Due to its central location just off the line of the Equator or the equator, it becomes the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing time in a way.

In the morning, you can enjoy the sunrise and then greet the fishermen who returned from sailing. You can also do diving to see the diversity of marine life. Another one that should not miss, fresh seafood that you can enjoy directly in existing restaurants around the beach.

3. Beach Nihiwatu, Sumba

Nihiwatu Beach entry # 17 in the list of CNN's world's 100 Best Beaches In The World. The beach has white sand, crystal clear super sea water and the most attracted the attention of tourists who are coming are the views of the setting sun is super pretty.

Here lies the Nihiwatu Resort is impressive. Some of the activities you can do here in between diving, surf, enjoy sunset or join the locals to catch Octopus and crab.

This beach can be reached by plane for about an hour from Bali, and a 90-minute drive away.

4. The Pandavas, Bali Beach

Pandava beach is one of the secluded beaches in Bali and has the nickname The Secret Beach. Located in the village of Kutuh, South Bali. The beach is hidden behind the high cliffs and bushes. Called Secret Beach because it is the way to reach the beach is relatively difficult to access.

The beach of the Pandavas have snow-white sand and crystal clear sea water. Here, you will be pampered by the water sports such as canoeing and paragliding. You can also swim in the crystal clear sea water. If you came here in March, you can enjoy a cultural parade organised by the Hindu – Buddha.

5. Beach Derawan, East Kalimantan

Derawan entry # 63 in the list of CNN's world's 100 Best Beaches In The World. Derawan has excellent accommodation, that's what makes this place became one of the favorite beaches in Indonesia and the world.

In Derawan, you can swim with turtles in hordes of transparent waters and refreshing. In addition to the turtles, manta rays or also encountered here.

6. Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air, Lombok

The islands of Lombok, or better known as "gili" has a characteristic white sandy beaches, coral reefs, and tropical blue sea waters.

Gili Trawangan offers diving spots. The island is visited by tourists because of the spot for diving and snorkelingnya. One of the snorkel spot terkenala are Turtle Point at Gili Meno which is the best spot to see the turtles.

7. Beach of Ora, Maluku Tengah

It could be said that the coast of Ora is paradise hidden in Central Maluku. Beach beauty Ora similar to Boracay Beach in the Philippines or Bora-Bora Beach on the Pacific Ocean. On the beach there are Ora Beach Resort that provides 6 cottage.

The charm of this beach is super clear ocean waters, where you can enjoy the beauty of direct coral and underwater world of the boat. At night, you can enjoy the beautiful star blips dock or while sitting on the porch of the cottage.

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