7 the highest mountain on the island of Java which is very Beautifully Chic

Indonesia, a country that is in a series of Pacific ring of fire, a beautiful country in which there are a great many volcanoes. In Indonesia alone, the island's most widely contributed to the amount of the volcano is the island of Java. However, in addition to the volcano, many also die stand mount Gallant, decorate, long island.

7 the highest mountain on the island of Java which is very Beautifully Chic
7 the highest mountain on the island of Java which is very Beautifully Chic

So it's no wonder, the island of Java is one of the paradise for mountaineers and perindu height, from Banten Province to East Java, lined up the mountains was beautiful in that store millions of natural beauty.

The number of sebarisan mountains that, this time, we will discuss about the 7th highest mountain in the island of Java. Each of these has the highest mountain of the uniqueness and beauty of its own. Directly underneath the bang.

7. Mount Welirang

The Crater Of Mt. Welirang Via Wikipedia
The height of the peak that reaches 3,156 mdpl put mount Welirang at position 7. It is located close to mount Arjuno, stands majestically amongst Mojokerto and Malang, East Java. The name Welirang itself has meaning brimstone, because indeed, there is the mountain's abundant sulfur source run by the local people.

If you intend to climb this mountain climb, preferably before 7 am, and don't linger at the Summit. At nine o'clock and over, blowing very strong sulfur smell will attack the area of Welirang mountain peaks. It could have been, blowing sulfur membahayakanmu.

6. Mount Lawu

Mountain with an elevation of 3,265 mdpl is quite known as a mountain that has a variety of mystery, it is already our review in a paper entitled the mystery of Mount Lawu, 9, one of the mystery of Mount Lawu, most notably mentions that when Lawu erupt, so Java can be split.

Gallant stand above ground 2 provinces, namely Central Java and East Java and three counties, namely the districts of wonogiri, Magetan Regency and Coral Later. Has three peaks, namely Hargo Dalem, Hargo dumilah Hargo and Dumiling. Mount Lawu mountain is active that is resting, last erupted in 1885.

5. Mount Arjuno

Mount Arjuno Via when else
On the sequence number 5 there is a mountain located in Malang, East Java. I.e. Arjuno altitude 3,339 mdpl. It is located adjacent to mount Welirang.

Since ancient times, Arjuno very loaded will be things that are associated with the cult. There, there are many sites of historical relics, surely history that is still associated with the rituals of the cult.

Climbing lanes are available for bypassed there are four lines, which are lines, stone Mace, Tretes and line Purwosari. In the matter of the mountain's beauty, not least with mount Semeru. Very fitting you jamahi.

4. Raung

Standing in the province of East Java, with an elevation of 3,344 mdpl making it occupy the position number 4 in our review this time. Among the climbers, the Summit of the mountain Roared as the true Summit. Because, the mountaintop is a great challenge for Roared the climbers.

Raung entered in our writings, entitled 8 mountain with the most extreme hiking paths. There are mentioned, if you intend to seek great challenges, then climb the mountain Roared through Resort is the thing that you are looking for. When you cross it was intercepted by bridges ' Sirotol Mustaqim ', a small bridge with a gaping chasm in the right and left.

3. Mount Sumbing

Because of its very close together, mount Sumbing and Sindoro diakumulasi as twin mountain. Stand tall mighty 3,371 mdpl, occupy the County at once, namely Temanggung, Magelang and Wonosobo Regency, East Java. Hiking track mount Sumbing which is favored by passing the village of Garung.
When you successfully menginjakan feet atop Mount Sumbing, you can active crater. In my opinion, mount Sindoro and Sumbing has a natural beauty that is the equivalent of climbing Mount Sumbing, however it is more challenging than Sindoro. Do you think?.

2. Mount Slamet

Mount Slamet via Jalan Climbers
With the height of the peak that reaches 3,428 mdpl, it being the highest mountain in Central Java and the 2nd position on the island of Java. Its location is on top 5 counties, namely kabupaten Purbalingga, Tegal, Brebes and Banyumas, Pemalang.

Although mount Slamet is not easy to be climbed, but the title as the highest mountain in Central Java never make it devoid of perindu height. When you want to mendakinya, there are 3 to choose from hiking paths, namely the Kaliwadas line, and the Baturaden Blambangan, the most popular among the mountaineers.

1. Mount Semeru

Mount Semeru via Super Adventure Travel
Who does not know her, the predicate as the roof of the Java Island, has a very natural beauty and dazzling Ranu Kumbolo Lake there is very beautiful. None other than is Mount Semeru, with an elevation of 3,676 mdpl.

If you want to know about mount Semeru in more detail again, we suggest that you read other writings, titled info mount Semeru and mystery of Mount Semeru. In 2 the writing, all the bengek of Mount Semeru tektek I've describe.

So was the highest mountain on the island of Java. Furthermore, after the mountain, where are you going climb first?. Read also the 10 highest mountains in Indonesia.

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