7 Favorite Mountain Climbers Beginners in Java

The more adventurous activities to be enjoyed not only of men, but a growing number of women who are also interested in this extreme hobby. Although it is not easy and quite a lot of spent energy and cost, but this activity is increasingly becoming a trend among young people.

7 Favorite Mountain Climbers Beginners in Java
7 Favorite Mountain Climbers Beginners in Java

Favourite mountains you getting crowded by those, who indeed nature lovers, nature lovers or simply want to feel what it's like to ride the mountain. The following 7 favorite mountain in Indonesia that is suitable for beginner climbers or who have not at all do the climb.

1. Mount Andong, Central Java (1726 Mdpl)

The mountain is located in Kampung Andong Palm, Ngablak, Magelang Regency, Central Java. The mountain has an elevation of up to 1,726 mdpl can be friendly to mountain climbers climb path beginners because its not too heavy. Nevertheless, the Andong has incredible natural beauty. From its peak, climbers can enjoy the beauty of the town of Magelang, Salatiga and Solo. Even climbers can enjoy coffee or eat food while enjoying the charm of nature.

Along the route of the ascent, climbers can enjoy the beautiful pine forest. Grass and pine forests is an epic combination to enjoy a cool atmosphere. In addition, the climber can find spring water as they approached the road leading to the Summit. There are three Mountain peaks in Andong, the peak of the Tomb, the peak Peak and Andong peregrine falcons. The peak of Andong and Peregrine falcons are separated by the extreme line called Devil's Bridge. Caution If passing through the bridge of the devil because the path is quite steep and slippery.

Basecamp located in the hamlet of Palm is the basecamp favorites for climbers, especially for novice climbers. The duration of the ascent from base camp to the Summit about 2-3 hours. Many climbers climb Mount tik-tok in Andong. They set out from base camp to the Summit or post a goal and then back again without an overnight stay.

2. Mount Merbabu, Central Java (3142 Mdpl)

Mount Merbabu is located on the border of Boyolali district of Magelang and Semarang. Many of the climbers began their ascent from basecamp Selo because the tracks are not too heavy. However, the climber must also be careful along the climb. From post 3 to savanna 1, climbing steep enough where there is a ravine on the edge of the right and left of the hiking paths.

From basecamp Selo, climbers can enjoy views of the beautiful savannas. In addition, climbers can also find grasslands, rolling hills of flowering and bunch of flower Edelweiss which makes this special mount Merbabu. Due to its location nearby the volcano looks sturdy and elegant from the top height that has to Merbabu 3,142 mdpl.

3. Mount Papandayan, West Java (2665 Mdpl)

Mount Papandayan is famous for its expensive entry tickets for some of the climbers. Climbers who want to climb will be charged admission tickets, camping and parking rates. However, the charm of the natural beauty of Mount Papandayan makes climbers willing to spend most of their money.

Mount Papandayan is located in Garut Regency, in Indonesia. Dead forest, crater Papandayan, Tegal and Square being the main attraction of this mountain. In this Square is a place of Tegal favourite for climbers because in this region there are padang padang Edelweiss.

Mount Papandayan has elevations up to 2,665 mdpl. The location of the Summit of Papandayan is still confusing for most climbers. Some say that a peak behind the bushes, not covered in the official climbing routes. However, there are also saying that the Summit of Mount Papandayan is located in the nature reserve.

4. Mount Ijen, East Java (2443 Mdpl)

Mount Ijen is an active volcano located on the border of Bondowoso and Banyuwangi. This mountain has an altitude of 2,443 mdpl. The phenomenon of fire blue or blue fire is a natural phenomenon that is most sought after, both climbers domestic and from abroad. The best time to see this blue fire is from 4 am to 5 am in good weather or not the rain. In addition to the blue flame, mount Ijen is also famous with its crater which is not visible at any time because of frequent mist. Uniquely, the border between Bondowoso and Banyuwangi separated by a hiking track.

Climbers are strongly encouraged to wear a mask because of the sulfur smell quite strong when approaching the Ijen crater. Many locals are busy mining sulphur and sell them as souvenirs. Climbers can buy these souvenirs at a price which is pretty cheap. Souvenirs from sulfur is made with a variety of forms, ranging from the shape of sunflowers, butterflies, turtles and other forms.

5. Mount Ungaran, Central Java (2050 Mdpl)

Mount Ungaran is a mountain located in Ungaran, Semarang, Central Java. This mountain has an altitude of 2,050 mdpl. Mount Ungaran has three peaks, i.e. Habanero, bald and Ungaran where the highest peak is Ungaran. Although including the mountain is not too high, but the path is very challenging. Many steep rocks that must be faced by climbers.

There are three lanes climbing Mount Ungaran which can be chosen by climbers Gedong Songo path, i.e., the path of Sidomukti (also called basecamp Roses) and line and circus. Basecamp hiking paths through the roses, climbers can enjoy the views of the tea plantation. In addition, climbers can also find swimming pools which commonly used by climbers to rest, take water and cleaned up. The long ascent from base camp to the Summit averages about 4-5 hours.

6. Mount Gede-Pangrango, West Java (2958 Mdpl)

Mount Gede Pangrango National Park located in the border Districts of Bogor, Cianjur Regency and Sukabumi district. The two adjoining mountain is very famous among climbers. To do the climb, the climber must register with the online system. Climbing through via Cibodas is a favorite of paths chosen by climbers, especially novice climbers.

Cibeureum waterfall can be found by climbers on this line. In addition, the Surya Kencana is the most sought after as there are padang Edelweiss. In this area can also be used as a camping area. The Summit has an elevation of Gede mdpl 2,958, while Summit has an elevation of 3,019 Pangrango mdpl.

7. Mount Prau, Central Java (2565 Mdpl)

Prau mountain is located in the Dieng plateau in Central Java. This mountain has an altitude of 2,565 mdpl. The charm of this famous Prau Mountain from sunrise. From the mountain, climbers can enjoy the view of telaga warna, the famous teletubbies Hill with the beautiful stretch of daisy flowers, and mountain peaks such as Mount Merapi, Merbabu, Sumbing and Sindoro, Slamet.

Climbing lanes are popular among climbers beginners namely Patak Bull. Through this route, climbers can travel only 2-3 hours to the Summit. The other path is a Path that is Dieng. Basecamp Dieng is the basecamp among other basecamp. Though not as many as the line, but the Line of Bull Patak Dieng is a path that can be selected and recommended for novice climbers due to its base camp location near the Dieng tour. Dieng line to the Summit is a 3 hour drive.

Of the seven mountains that were on the island of Java is very friendly to novice climbers climbed. However, you should still be accompanied by climbers more professional Yes. Don't forget also to practice physical before climbing the mountains.

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