7 Attractions in West Java

1. The Beach end Tile

7 Attractions in West Java
7 Attractions in West Java

Tile Ujung beach is located in the town of Sukabumi which is about 95 kilometers from Bandung or about 200 kilometers away from Jakarta. At this beach you can enjoy views of the sunrise and sunset in one location. This was the uniqueness and appeal of the beach end of roof tiles.

The waves tend to be big and strong are also attracting surfers to ride the waves of the South coast. The other thing that always attract the attention of tourists is the large number of turtles in this beach, especially during the month of August there will be a lot of turtles that lay eggs on the beach. Can watch it already quite set this beach as one of the places that is worth dijambangi.

2. the Curug Cikaso

Curug Cikaso or Cikaso waterfalls is located close to the ends of the roof tile. Curug with 100 meters high and 80 meters wide has three (3) waterfalls that are side by side. When the Sun is bright, it is possible you could see a small Rainbow Falls and diair.

3. Goa Buniayu

Still around Sukabumi, other tourist attractions for those of you who like a challenge is the Buniayu Cave. Goa adventure tourism in Indonesia is indeed not too popular but have started to demand by the adventurous, and cave is ideal for adventurers who like a challenge.

Stalagmite and stalaktik await you after you down the vertical caves and past the pekatnya darkness. In goa Buniayu you can see animals that live under the surface of the Earth that you never met before. It takes a pretty challenging track requires that you have a healthy body condition and enough rest the day before because this activity despite the exciting and challenging also very tiring.

4. the Pangandaran Beach

Located on the Southeast Coast of Pangandaran in West Java, has a silky white beaches and water that is clean and clear. The beach has ever been crowned as the best beach in West Java province is likely to be many visitors during the holidays.

At this beach you can enjoy the sunrise and immersed in one place. Lodging in Pangandaran beach is always full at the time of the holiday season, it is not uncommon that tourists do not goto the Inn was eventually set up tents on the beach as a place to spend the night.

5. Green Canyon

Green Canyon or in original language better known as Cukang Taneuh is located approximately 31 km from Pangandaran. Green Canyon is the most popular tourist attractions in southern West Java. When you visit this place, you'll be treated to views of lush trees, cliffs and caves full of stalagmite and stalactite are lovely.

Enjoy the beauty of the Green Canyon can be done in several ways, can with outboard boat, boat ride or swim. Long journey that must be traveled to reach this temptat will paid off by the natural beauty of Kirkland Green Canyon.

6. Rafting Citarik River

The name of the river Citarik are familiar to residents of Jakarta water sports lovers rafting. River located in Sukabumi is one of the popular tourist attractions in West Java. The river is classified as shallow, so can bring rafting beginners need not feel scared or worried.

Despite the depth of the river is relatively not in the Citarik River, but have a lot of rocks which gives its own challenges for the Rapids can bring in conquering the Citarik River. Most visited Citarik River on weekends by the lovers of outdoor activities.

7. Rafting Cicatih River Bank

One more place of rafting is quite popular in Sukabumi i.e. Cicatih River Bank. Rafting degree of difficulty here is slightly higher than in the Citarik River. River and flow more copiously creates its own challenges for the rafting sport lovers. Even so, the Cicatih River Bank stays safe for beginners even for those who could not swim.

In the mood for the holidays? the above venues could be reference for you.

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