7 attractions in Central Java which is mandatory in the visit

1. the Dieng plateau Wonosobo Regency

Dieng plateau District WonosoboIngin on holiday and enjoy the charms of nature that is second to none, don't forget to dayang to the Dieng plateau whose positions from Wonosobo is about 30 kilometres away. If ever heard of a place where gods and goddesses resides, then tourism this is the question.

7 attractions in Central Java which is mandatory in the visit
7 attractions in Central Java which is mandatory in the visit

Landmarks can be comfortably enjoyed from this tour, Dieng plateau, among others is a Telaga Warna Dieng, Bukit Sikunier Dieng, and wells Jalatunda and there are still other Hindu temples, so that when you are visiting Central Java packed you are obliged to come to the dieng plateau wonosobo Regency.

2. the Kedung Ombo Grobogan

This tour OmboTempat Kedung reservoirs is not less interesting than the other existing tourist attractions in Central Java since this giant cistern is really beautiful with 6,576 hectares as the size of the extent. Actually, not only the Grobogan, but there were three districts occupied by the reservoir, Sragen and Boyolali Regency.

The reason why a reservoir can be one of the tourist places that need to be seen while visiting Central Java is due to its natural beauty.

When it comes to it, try to see the area around the reservoir to check how these dams can be created, even if the view of the dam and its surroundings all looks very neat. There are also dense forest area of reservoirs and the Forestry Department who manages the forest. For those who enjoy fishing, there is a fishing place to visit where there any freshwater fish was made a main ingredient dishes that are served for the sake of satisfaction of visitors. The area surrounding the reservoir is also able to rent a motorcycle or a dairy around there.

3. Museum of r.a. Kartini Jepara Regency

R.a. Kartini Museum JeparaBerlokasi District not far from the Hall of the District, the museum is the right place for you lovers of history and the curious will be relics of r.a. Kartini, here also all cultural heritage originating from Jepara.

In the museum there are four room that could be explored. The first room is contains photos of r. a. Kartini during live together with his legacy. In the second space tourist will be treated with the objects left by the Sosrokartono RMP.

While for the ancient objects and have a high historical value as well as crafts-crafts typical of Jepara, such as rattan and bamboo, ceramics, batik torso and carvings can be found at the third space.

The last room, was in the building there is a giant fish bones T named ' Joko Tuwo ' with size 16 meters in length, used to fish bone was discovered in 1989 in the waters of Karimun Jawa Islands.

There are hours of visits to note for museums, the museum is open from 8 am to 5 pm every Monday through Saturday, and is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday. For entry tickets, the cost is very cheap because only per child to Rp 600 per adult and charged Rp 1,000 for a visit from Monday to Friday, while a special weekend, children subject to Rp 750 to Rp, and adults 1,500 per person.

4. the Surakarta Hadiningrat Solo

Keraton Surakarta Hadiningrat Sunan Paku Buwono II was the one who built the Palace for the first time, namely in the years 1744 and she is another one of historical high tourist sites that are very worthy for consideration and are on the list of destinations your vacation time to Central Java.

Reportedly, supposedly on the stage Sanggabuwana the remaining part of the Palace, in the meeting between the South Coast and ruler of the Susuhunan, Nyai Rara Kidul occurs when the middle of meditating.

For tourists who are fond of historical objects, there is a fragment of the temples in Central Java as well as the Royal heritage objects kept in museums. Somewhat different when compared with other tourist destinations, there are various rules that must be obeyed by every visitor who came.

Most travelers love to wear sunglasses and hats, jackets, shorts and sandals, but if planning on coming to the Palace, they should not be worn and must wear clothing that polite. To get around the Palace, the entrance fee is $4 per thousand visitors and must pay an additional fee of Rp 2 thousand when carrying the camera.

5. The way of the hero city of Semarang

SemarangJalan-Hero way way up in Semarang city can also be done in the way of the hero is because night time came, this area is always full of visitors, especially if Saturday and Sunday has arrived. Along this road can be found a variety of traditional interest to be sampled.

So, for travelers who love the hobby of berkuliner or ria, the path of Heroes is the best destination for the Gallery, this and that. Because the sidewalks are neat and spacious jalannnya including, then don't be surprised if the citizens-citizens of Semarang likes to relax or play around in the area to spend time.

6. Night market Ngarsopuro Solo

The night market Ngarsopura City SoloDikenal with the name of another Ngarsopuro Night Market, this compulsory tourist sites to visit if it were in the Solo. The night market that serves every Saturday and Sunday it is open from 12:00-7 pm to 9 pm.

For those who have the KTP Solo alone can trade in Ngarsopura and all that sold on this site are very diverse. Travelers who like to jog kulineran aka food tasters, this place will provide you with special food.

Not only food, but also a variety of souvenirs can be found here, including handicrafts batik and Solo. Again, there is the excitement of live performances that can be enjoyed by any visitor of Ngarsopuro, such as ethnic music performed by Solo artists, dance-dance, and jazz music. So while visiting the night market is certainly one you will feel the atmosphere is lively. Saturday was a fitting time for you to arrive in Solo so get the streets Sunday night You spend at this place.

7. Goa Jatijajar Regency Kebumen

Goa Jatijajar County KebumenPara nature lovers will surely fall of tourist attractions on this one because of the natural cave which is located in the Sub-District of the father, in the village of Jatijajar this could add to the experience of riveting you when vacationing in Central Java.

Formed from limestone, goa is offering incredible views while visitors have entered into it. There are limestone pillars, and stalagmites ornaments, as well as stalagtit plus with fruit deodrama and 32 sculptures that can be watched by the visitors.

When it gets to space underneath, some of him or that we are familiar with the term underground river will be visible. Of the four spring there, Sendang Rose one who is quite famous, because it is believed to be able to reach out and wash the face of Spring water flow rose, then the visitor would ageless. In the meantime, if the bath or wash your face with water flow Sendang Kantil, whatever his wish will be granted. E-ticketing system with the most recent, visitors can enjoy this goa starting from 9 am until 5 pm.

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