6 attractions in Central Java which is obligatory on the visit

You are coming from outside of Central Java, would surely be interested to try a vacation to the area. There are a myriad of sights can be explored while visiting Central Java, not only in parts of the capital, Semarang, except kabupaten-kabupatennya also have tourist attractions which can be traced.

6 attractions in Central Java which is obligatory on the visit
6 attractions in Central Java which is obligatory on the visit

1. Baturaden District Banyumas

baturaden for happy holidaymakers enjoying the beauty of nature, a view that is in Baturaden is so pretty especially when there you will feel the coolness of the air Eve. Baturaden is also from the tourists can see the town of Purwokerto and also wonderful beaches located in Cilacap.

Pitu shower is one of the favorite places for tourists because of the hot springs baths. Located on the slopes of Mount Slamet, precisely the direction South, there is another whose name Wana Baturaden Tourism.

This place is better known as natural forest green and very terekomendasi for travelers fond of camping. If of Baturaden, distance heading into this Tour Wana 2 kilometers and in addition it is a Zoo named Garden Kaloka Widya who also have animal skeletons museum Indonesia.

Baturaden has one more place to know and is visited by tourists, namely the natural Theater where there was a show presented by aircraft belonging to Garuda Indonesia type Foxer 28. Tourists can get into the airplane, then there are films about tourism potential Banyumas who can watch there and so that knowledge of the natural wealth that belongs to the beloved fatherland. The duration of each movie that can be watched on up to 15 minutes. To enjoy all the entertainment in Baturaden, known to price tickets only 14 thousand only.

2. Borobudur Temple, Magelang

When the sights like the smell of history, Borobudur is the right site to visit and could be a perfect area for photos as well. Not only the structure of the temple buildings can be admired because of the high value of the art, but the scenery is very charming so it won't make tourists regret or kapok.

Open from 6 am to 5 pm, the temple has Buddhist stupas and 504 1,460 relief in complex that can be enjoyed by the visitors just by paying Rp 12,500 per child, and to Rp 30 thousand for each adult.

While for the tourists, the money must be spent to get into is USD 10 to USD 20 per child and for every adult. Another advantage is you can reach this location so easy, both with large or small vehicles.

3. Laweyan Solo

Laweyan SoloBagi travelers who like to hunt and collect batik, it is strongly recommended to visit Laweyan who was already very old. Even when compared with the Sunanate still older place and sold had long existed, from the reign of the Kingdom of Pajang around the 16th century in Central Java.

When entering the area Laweyan, you will be surprised with a very memorable European architectural trends. At Work, his home buildings are really impressive as you were in the middle of Europe in which the premises are very sturdy nan magnificent known formerly inhabited by merchants-merchants of batik.

Up in Here, please directly browse one by one the shops that were there to buy batik Favorites or learn making batik. The price of batik offered varied and highly relative; dibanderol ranging from tens to hundreds of thousands for batik cap, and millions of dollars to batik.

4. Lawang Sewu Semarang

Mace-SewuLokasi this tour seems to have been very popular and even when asked a question of the famous tourist attractions in Central Java, would the average person would recommend the ancient buildings that become relics of the Netherlands. Lawang Sewu is actually the building is utilized as the Netherlands railways or trams and here's headquarters in a bygone era.

The buildings have been standing since 1904 this did have an awful lot of doors so that named Lawang Sewu or a thousand doors. With the presence of more than 1,200 429 fruit and leaves the door hole of the door, this more interesting tourist attractions and many couples who are getting married choose Lawang Sewu as a place their pre-wedding photos.

The influx of very affordable ticket because only just pay Idr 10 thousand for every tourist, but if interested also to explore the basement Lawang Sewu, then tourists are required to issue a pay of $30 thousand per head. The location is pretty easy to find because it is in the complex young Monument precisely on Jalan Pemuda.

5. City of Ambarawa train Museum

AmbarawaTempat Town train museum draws one more can be found in Central Java is in the Ambarawa Railway Museum.

The location is open daily from 8 am to 4 pm this entry ticket price is not expensive as it is to just steam train set fee of Rp 5,250 round trip that can contain 80 people, train ticket to Lorinya just pay Idr 10 thousand on an ordinary day and Rp 15 ri BU in holidays, and ticket entry itself needs only pay Rp 5 thousand only.

Things that can be enjoyed by tourists in the museum include the station building with architectural impression of the Netherlands are still sleek, tourist steam train Station towards Willem II which is in the Guava, tourist trains Lori that contains about 20 passengers to the station's old Tuntang Willem I station, all objects contains a value that is in the history of the exhibition space is displayed neatly, as well as souvenirs and snack that sits at the side of the station. These are not to be missed, let alone train collections a unique numbered 21 old locomotives and fruit can add to the knowledge of the wisatawannya.

6. Old City of Semarang

The old city of SemarangJika city of Jakarta has, then the Semarang have old town which can be your goal when wanting to walk in the Central Java City of Semarang, in particular. The old town is when we see the design of the building, then it will automatically remind us of Netherlands buildings in the old days so it is very attractive for tourists who come from anywhere.

If the browse area of the old city, one place that must be visited is Blenduk Church age has reached 2.5 centuries. Blenduk is a word that comes from the Javanese language which has the meaning of the dome and the Church is open from 9 am to 4 pm from Monday to Saturday and 1 pm to 4 pm Sunday special, except when being there is the blessing of marriage in Church.

On the roof there are arch and designed with red color but the colors used on the walls are white so it appears the contrast. Characteristic of the Church is a part of him that has twin towers with sturdy pillars that add up to four. There are other objects that can be found in the old town of the Polder and Tawang Station Tawang town Water. Not to mention there is a screen or Prau is more familiar with Praoe Lajar, a cigarette factory still standing and can be visited in the Polder region.

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