5 tourist attractions in Central Java best and mandatory in Visit

Tourist attractions in Central Java to best friend who lives in the Central Java patutlah elated at heart because it treated many world class attractions, natural expanses of beautiful coupled with the cool air made many tour destinations in Java Central became a world class attractions, even some of the tourist attractions in Central Java have been very popular to overseas tastes will be a pity if the buddy who still lives in Indonesia had never visited some places * where most interest in the Central Java area.

5 tourist attractions in Central Java best and mandatory in Visit
5 tourist attractions in Central Java best and mandatory in Visit

Even every Regency in Central Java, there are several attractions that are not inferior to attractions elsewhere, and it's like sanagt a loss once when a friend often vacationing abroad but forgets some of the world-class attractions around PAL, with broad geographic conditions and in the form of mountains, plains and low make some regions in Central Java prepared presents many views of the eyes.

Central Java itself is in the middle of the island of Java which is directly adjacent to West Java, the Java Sea on the North, Yogyakarta special region, the Indian Ocean and also in East Java, to Central Java itself currently consists of 35 regencies with a total area of 32,548 km with extensive it didn't seem wrong will be many exciting destinations worth a visit PAL along with your loved ones.

In addition to having an interesting natural attractions in Central Java also has historical sights, geology, education, cultural, culinary and shopping, so for PAL that will menghasibkan the time in Central Java ready-ready to bring more bags to bring some interesting souvenirs at the place of destination, to a friend interested in tours in Central Java following Area we recommend 25 attractions in Central Java best and Compulsory if you want to Visit On holiday in the area of Central Java.

1. The Temple of Borobudur

Address: Jl. Badrawati, Kw. Borobudur, Borobudur, Magelang, Central Java

The temple itself is located in Magelang tourism this one ever entered in 7 Wonders of the world, the magnificent temple of design as well as its position on the plateau made a lot of foreign tourists was astonished by how the making of this temple on antiquity, borobudur temple itself saves a lot of history that was already famous around the world, in the borobudur temple itself there were 1,460 reliefs and 504 setupa Buddhist temple complex located in areka not wrong it felt was declared as world heritage sites by UNESCO. not wrong it feels if the temple entry in tourist attractions in Central Java best.

2. the Dieng plateau

Address: Dead-end Burners, Burners, Batur, Banjarnegara, Central Java

Dieng plateau save an awful lot of interesting spots in a landscape that even serve the dieng plateau not less menarinya with places outside the country, Dieng plateau itself was in Wonosobo Regency which is only 30 Km from the center of town, dieng plateau itself as "a place of persemayanan on gods goddess" for a friend who is interested to visit this place, be sure to bring a camera with the stock battery that much because there will be many interesting spots menungu to capture with the camera lens.

3. the Baturaden tourist area

Address: Purwokerto, Banyumas

Tourist attractions in Central Java this one itself is located in the town of Purwokerto is approximately 20 minutes from the city centre, Baturaden is itself a natural forest area which was very cool was made to place the tent, nevertheless in baturaden is also some other attractions such as hot springs, museums, Garden kaloka, waterfalls and much more. one of the famous of hot spring tourism area shower pitu.

4. The Progo River Rafting Sports

Address: Banyunganti, Girimulyo, Jatimulyo, Kulon Progo Yogyakarta 55674

The lovers of sport Rafting own certainly are familiar with the Progo River, the progo river itself in the Regency of mageleng where this one has a length of 12 kilometers to sport this one, there is Disungai some rafting routes including progo River upstream, the river proho top and lower progo River where the ketinganya offers different sensations.

5. Old City of Semarang

Address: Semarang City

When buddy arrives in the capital of semarang PAL need not be confused because you can enjoy touring the city with the city of semarang, semarang city in which my friend can enjoy the architecture of the tempo dulu Praoe Cigarette Factory for example Lajar, Tawang Station, the intersection of the middle of the old town, and the Polder Water Tawang, but not all of the buildings there have a tempo first design there is still tourism such as Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery that also can visit PAL, some buildings in the old city of semarang is open in only certain hours and paid.

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