11 most beautiful Mountain in Indonesia are expecting you To be climbed,

Born in Indonesia is a destiny we must sukuri. Without asking, the Lord has chosen us to occupy a country with natural beauty, charming, beautiful, blushes and infinite. From Sabang until Meroke, lined up the Islands with diverse views of heaven.

11 most beautiful Mountain in Indonesia are expecting you To be climbed,
11 most beautiful Mountain in Indonesia are expecting you To be climbed,

Especially for you who love to explore the outdoors, hiking, enjoy the natural green area of the eye can see. Indonesia has hundreds of mountain, entered into the ranks of the ring of fire lines, people refer to it as ' Vulcano Country ', negri volcano. Really, a destiny that is very worthy of disukuri.

Has a super sophisticated and awesome, some of the hundreds of mountain on Indonesia, becoming singers among the climbers. What does mount it?, we summarize in writing below.

1. Mount Patuha, West Java

Being in Government. Bandung, West Java, has an altitude of 2,386 mdpl, ranks number 6 in the ranks of the highest mountain in West Java. Maybe her name sounds familiar, but the presence of white Crater in one of its corners, making Mount Patuha as prima donna among overseas tourists. In fact, many famous bands who chose the white Craters as the site of their video clips suting.

White crater itself is a result of the eruption of Mount Patuha which occurred in the 10th century. The landscape is very chic, you can see the fabled country in there, a crater and magnificent cliffs form the walls are white.

2. Mount Kerinci, Jambi

It has an elevation of 3,805 mdpl, mount Kerinci is the highest mountain on the island of Sumatra and the highest volcano in Indonesia, entered into the territory of Kerinci Seblat National Park (TNKS), become the habitat of Sumatran Rhinoceros and tiger. Of course, being the place of the shield cover or developers of the breed the animal.

When menginjakan feet above the peak, you can see a view of the city stretch of Jambi, Bengkulu and Padang city, as well as the blue of the vast Indian Ocean nan is amazing. Mount Kerinci crater has large bluish-coloured, similar to Ijen crater of Mount Ijen.

3. Mount Gede, West Java

It has a high 2,750 mdpl, being in Government. Bogor, Cianjur and Kab. Sukabumi, West Java. In addition to the splendor of its peak, Gede also has a myriad of other beautiful places, such as the Blue Lake, Waterfalls, Stone Enclosure Cibereum and Surya Kencana square which is the favorite place for mountaineers. Surya kencana square itself is a 50-acre savanna meadow acres which is adorned by a stretch of the Edelweis flower is very pretty.

4. Mount Pangrango, West Java

Mount Pangrango is nearest neighbor mount Gede, with nearby, so many people assume that Mount Gede Pangrango is one and the same mount. They are called mount Gede Pangrango.

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5. Mount Tambora, Sumbawa

The mountain is famous for its kalderanya because of the terrible eruption that formed in 1815 which resulted in loss of Tambora Summit. Caldera was touted as the largest and most beautiful in Indonesia. It's like, I will be guilty if they do not involve the mountain in the writings of this time.

6. Mount Ijen, Java

Located on the border between the Kab. Bondowoso and Banyuwangi, East Java. Typically achieve 2,443 mdpl, still lower when compared to the Merapi mountain which is located next door, so mount Ijen is the right choice for beginner climbers.

The beauty of Mount Ijen crater lies in the very famous seantreo nature of the universe, called the Ijen crater. What is its uniqueness?, each 2 to 4 p.m. dawn, the fire at the base of the Ijen crater will be blue, exposing the beauty, the people call this phenomenon as ' Blue Fire '. A uniqueness that you won't find in any other than the mount Ijen.

7. Mount Kelimutu, NTT

Located in the Kab. Ende, Flores Island, East Nusa Tenggara. The population is about always giving Kelimutu believes that fertility in the soil around it, it is imaged from the lush trees, including pine trees, casuarinas trees and Redwoods, which surrounds mount Kelimutu.

Kelimutu itself has the meaning of ' Keli ' means mountain and ' Quality ' means a boil.

The uniqueness of Mount Kelimutu is present on Lake Kelimutu located at its peak. 3 Lake that has 3 different colors, Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Lake Fai blue, Tiwu Ata Polo red and Tiwu Ata Mbupu with white color.

8. Mount Bromo, East Java

Bromo is flagship tourist destinations in Central Java, the Government there is not the responsibility of promoting the Bromo. For a very natural panorama and already equipped with various features of the tour.

When you menjelejahinya, you will be treated with a view of Mount Semeru, Ridge sunrise blushes, the vast desert of nan are awesome and can mengelilinya horses or Jeep. Height was 2,329 mdpl.

9. Mount Papandayan, West Java

Back again to the West Java province, this time there are located in Mount Papandayan Kab. Arrowroot. With an altitude of 2,665 mdpl, it presents a fairly complete landscapes. Starting from perkomplekan crater, Saladah Cottage, forest died Tegal and Square, where you can enjoy the Edelweis flower overlay.

Regardless of the price of the tickets are expensive enough, mount Papandayan is still a favorite destination among hikers.

10. Mount Prau, Central Java

The activists claim that the wild mountain Prau is where the most beautiful sunrise witnessed in Southeast Asia. Perhaps, if ever saw it, you would agree with that opinion.

Its peak as high as mdpl 2,565, while achieving it, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the form of the appearance of Mount Sindoro and Sumbing. As well as expanse of clouds that will make you astonished.

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11. Mount Cartenz or Jaya Wijaya, Papua

Mt. jaya wijaya

Until recently, mount Jaya Wijaya is still a fugitive among climbers, always hunted. Not only the highest mountain in Indonesia, it also has its own uniqueness, namely the presence of snow on its peak.

In fact, the law of nature says that it is impossible there is snow in the tropics such as Indonesia. But, Jaya Wijaya stands with a pile of saljunya, seems immune to the law. Height of Jaya Wijaya was 4,884 mdpl.

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